Sit down, relax and power the world of the future

Crafted from copper and aluminium in a nature inspired structure, the Peltchair blends beauty and function to produce power with the body heat of its occupant.

Using high-end materials and robust design, it is extremely durable. The Peltchair will survive the test of time, stunning archaeologists when they sit down, and still make it glow, in 3000 years from now. It will so enlighten the future with a vision from the past. A vision of a circular, local economy with abundant energy for all.

Since, the Peltchair is the prime example of this vision. It is almost entirely reusable, ready for the circular economy. It is designed, made and manufactured in the Netherlands and produces power for whomever sits down on it.

So come and see, sit down, relax and let the Peltchair’s magic mesmerize you with its gentle glow of hope.


  • World’s first power producing chair using the body heat of its occupant
  • Hand crafted copper seat
  • Thickness copper sheet: 1mm
  • 16 Bright white LEDs
  • 8 Warm white LEDs
  • 3D printed aluminium heat sink
  • 52 Hours of continues printing
  • Structure inspired by nature
  • Power / light output dependent on ambient air temperature
  • Continuous power generation
  • Conversion of a heat flow into electricity

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  • 2024, 18 oct – Innovate Experience
  • Do you want to exhibit the Peltchair? Get in touch!

Beacon of hope

As you sit, warmth flows through the chair and is converted into electricity that makes the Peltchair glow. You do not have to do anything, nothing at all! As long as you remain seated* the Peltchair will glow, turning your inactivity into a contribution to the energy transition.

Its glow reminds us about the huge challenges ahead. Our global inactivity is generally seen as the cause of climate change, but now it can also be part of the solution. We still cán make a change. As long as we believe and work together, we can overcome every challenge. A point proven by the Peltchair.

This beacon of hope intents to inspire many to remain faithful in the innovative power of mankind. Mesmerizing them with the magical experience of producing power by sitting still and doing nothing. Discover the power of your inactivity and make the Peltchair glow!

*and the ambient air temperature stays below 37°C


Studio Synergy

The art- science studio, Studio Synergy, aspires to reconnect people with nature and one another. They do this with the creation of awareness installations, which give the public insights into topics within science, technology and our society. These installations offer a shared experience that act as a starting point of dialogue and reflection, and lead to mutual understanding and respect.

Studio Synergy creates concepts that provide surprising new perspectives, which make the public learn, explore and marvel at the extraordinary world around them.

Lilian van Daal

With the focus on biomimicry, product designer, Lilian van Daal blends nature with design, using innovative technologies and materials in order to meticulously mimic nature. The emphasis is on the imitation and adjustment of structures to optimise products in a sustainable way.

Additionally, she focuses on the reconnection with nature in our daily environments. By incorporating ‘naturalness’ into our everyday environments, she aims to enhance our well-being through the application of biophilic design.


For short term exhibitions, events and occasions, the Peltchair can be rented and displayed to an audience. If permitted by the setting in which it is displayed, attendees can sit down, relax and power the chair with their body heat, making it gently glow. For longer exhibits or permanent displays, a limited amount of sequels can be purchased.

Inquire about the possibilities and exact prices through the contact form below.

Indicative prices


€49k* / chair

Purchased Peltchairs will be sequels of the original version. Therefore, they might visually look slightly different and produce more power due to the enhancement of the embedded technology. I.e. they will glow more vividly.

To preserve the mystical feel of the Peltchair, only a limited amount of sequels will be produces. Reach out to inquire the availability and exact price of a remake.


€490,-* / ½ day

Only one original Peltchair, as a proof of concept, exists in the world today, making it the perfect piece to tell its unique story with. For temporary exhibitions, events and occasions it can be rented to allow attendees to share their warmth with the Peltchair and make this beacon of hope glow.

For an exact price and possibilities for your event, please request a quote by filling in the contact form below.

*Mentioned prices are suggestive and subjective to change


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